The Coronavirus crisis is, unfortunately, hitting the majority of SMEs hard. But as we’ve previously covered, the government announced a £330bn rescue package for British businesses.

However some firms are finding that they still can’t access the funding they need. They may find their bank unhelpful, they may slip through the cracks or they may simply not be able to deal with all the paperwork required.  

They may even need funds fast – at a time when their bank is going slow.

That’s why Marina and Rohan are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Rangewell, the UK’s leading business finance experts. 

Who Rangewell are – and how they can help

Rangewell are specialists in business finance and are unique in having comprehensively and independently mapped over 300 business finance lenders and 23,000 business finance products in the UK. 

Now, we have partnered with them to help our clients. They can work with us to secure the funding you need to get your business through the current crisis. Their expert team are with you every step of the way, from finding the most appropriate lender and product to applying and drawing down. 

They also have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing specific business sectors. With a team who have all worked at lenders, they know the questions lenders will be asking and the answers they want to hear.

It usually means getting the funding you need faster – and paying less for it.

In the current crisis, that could be vital for your future. Banks are, understandably, overstretched and may be taking days just to acknowledge enquiries – let alone provide the funding businesses desperately need.

All types of funding

Rangewell work to find any type of funding businesses need, including Asset Finance, Working Capital Finance, Merchant Cash Advances, funding for Commercial property, Invoice Finance, MBOs and acquisitions to name a few. They can also help whether your need is a few thousand pounds to major finance in the millions.  

With the help of Rangewell, we can bring you the funding you need, faster. 

Financial crisis lifeline – or regular business funding – Advanced Accountancy and Rangewell have the answers you need

Rangewell’s expertise could mean the difference between securing the funding you need to get through the crisis or your business going to the wall – and as an Advanced Accountancy client, you can get it working for you now.

There’s no need to delay. Their helpful team can take you through every step from discussing your needs to securing the funding you need.Simply call us for further information about how the Rangewell experts can help you find appropriate and affordable funding. Ring our express line on 01384 271 858 or get in touch via our get in touch page.