Our History

Advanced was founded by Marina Parry over 20 years ago. It might be hard to believe now but this fantastic company had humble beginnings, with the majority of the work taking place in Marinas office at home. The business was fuelled by recommendations and a desire by Marina to meet her clients requirements and provide a level of customer care, satisfaction and friendship that you so rarely find in a modern day company.

No new business faces adversity free growth, and Advanced was no different. But Marinas’ consistently positive attitude and steely determination paid off. Through the power of client recommendations Advanced continued to grow and the services offered grew with them. Marina became accredited by Sage and she was passionate about investing in people. Opportunities were offered to trainees and apprenticeships many of whom have remained loyal to Advanced until this very day. By the time Caroline joined forces with Marina in 2003 (for a two week temporary position!) the company dealt mainly with bookkeeping and Sage training but Marina became increasingly determined to meet the needs of her clients who already trusted her with all their financial business decisions.

Advanced expanded to fit, and Marina soon realised they needed additional help to keep the same level of customer care their clients knew and loved. Marina started to proactively recruit the best in the business and they moved from the office at home into Pensnett House and later to offices in Brierley Hill in 2010.

In 2013, unrecognisable from it’s early days, Advanced moved to its premises in Kingswinford where Marina felt it could better serve it’s loyal client base. Not one to be content with ‘good enough’ Marina continued to improve the offices by investing in state-of-the-art IT systems, installing new kitchens and bathrooms, decorating throughout and even knocking through an office wall when further expansion was necessary. Even though Marina paid for this out of her own pocket she felt it was a small price to pay for the comfort of her clients, staff and the ever increasing facilities she was so proud to offer.

So what makes Advanced different? Marina has a genuine desire to help people. If you want a service Advanced doesn’t offer she’ll refer you to someone who can help or she’ll go the extra mile to offer that extra service herself. This is why Advanced now specialise in not only bookkeeping, but management accounting, payroll, HR, conference facilities and so much more. If Marinas clients have needed it, their needs have always been met. If you’re part of the Advanced family you’ll already know you don’t just hand over your paperwork and leave. You sit down, have a coffee and a chat and you realise how much you matter. That’s the simple reason Advanced clients recommend us to everyone.

For an informal chat with the woman who has redefined customer services call us today on 01384 271 858, or email her directly at Marina@advancedaccountancy.co.uk. Alternatively like and follow our Facebook page for the option to message on there if you prefer.

As Marinas’ moto is, and always has been, ‘you’ll soon see there’s no accountancy like Advanced Accountancy’

For further information or to find out how we can help your business please call 01384 271 858 or get in touch via our get in touch page