Autumn 2021

Autumn 2021

It seems we’ve said this a thousand times and more…but things really do seem to be getting back to normal now, right? (Quick! Touch wood!)

What a couple of years we’ve had.

As our businesses are now open, furlough is wrapping up and masks are becoming a thing of the past, it’s hard not to reflect on what we have all experienced as a community over the last few years.

Our local businesses have suffered like never before, our high streets are rapidly emptying, and staff levels are increasingly uncertain due to people self-isolating, and yet amongst all that negativity, positivity shines through. Look at how businesses have adapted to survive! Look at how they’ve rallied around to switch to online shopping, sorting deliveries and sharing the posts from those they want to support. They’ve shown us how strong we are when we work together, and it’s made us all realise just how much we DO value or strong local business community.

Advanced are so proud of the part we have played during the pandemic. We take our hats off to our healthcare heroes, the NHS, paramedics, care workers, postal works, teachers and so many more who have kept us going through our darkest moments. But we also want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our loyal staff, who, as essential finance workers, came to the office day in and day out to help out not only or local but also nationwide businesses by organising grants and loans, by furloughing staff and by offering some much-needed business advice to people who were at a loss.

In fact, to date, Advanced have secured a whooping £529,569.32 for those in need since the start of the pandemic.

Advanced Accountancy not only take on many new clients, but because of our customer care levels, we also have exceptional retention rates. This is not only great for our growth and reputation, but it means we’re in the fortunate position to be able to frequently offer up new jobs and opportunities within the community.

Our workplace and workforce have gone from strength to strength, so much so that we have yet another large recruitment drive. Lottie is an accounting graduate that joined Advanced in September 2021. Susan has joined Maddison on our payroll team and Morgan is our new apprentice who is completing his apprenticeship at Dudley College. All our new recruits have hit the ground running and we’re super proud of them.

Speaking of super proud, we’d love to take this opportunity to offer our huge congratulations to Rohan, our much-loved practice manager who has recently proposed to Davina, the love of his life (and yes, she said yes!) If you want to see the rather impressive photos, please head over to our Facebook page!

Not to end on a depressing note, but it’s that time of year again! Right?

And no….not Christmas! The self-assessment electronic filing deadline day is rapidly approaching and will be upon us on the 31st of January 2022. But of course, you want to be ready and organised well before then! That’s why we’re here! Call us on 01384 271858 and file your self-assessment tax return with us.

Don’t forget Advanced have a five-star customer rating on Trustpilot, Facebook AND Google. Don’t trust us, trust our clients!

Anyway, that’s all from us. Enjoy the run up to Christmas Advancers.


Marina and her team.

Roadmap to Normality

Roadmap to Normality

After what feels like months of enduring another lockdown (this one during the depths of winter!) we finally have some uplifting news and something positive to focus on.

A roadmap to ending lockdown has been announced and the end is in sight! Primary and secondary schools are returning on the 8th of March. Hairdressers, beauticians, non-essential shops, zoos, and safari parks can all reopen on the 12th of April. Our much-missed pubs and restaurants can also look to reopen mid-April, but we need to keep our fingers crossed for warm weather because it will be outdoor dining only until later in May.  Cinemas, softplays and all other indoor pursuits will be good to go as of May 17th.  For those of you who are missing nightclubs you will be pleased to know that ALL restrictions are hopefully going to be lifted by June 21st. It is pretty hard to imagine the UK without restrictions right now isn’t it? But this news will bring some much-needed relief to so many people missing their loved ones, and of course, much needed relief to so many wonderful UK businesses that have been devastated by the pandemic.

Being restriction free sounds amazing, but it is of course subject to the numbers continuing to decrease so we all need to carry on doing our bit for now!

April is still far away. What help is on offer?

We understand that if you have been unable to trade since the start of January, the idea of having to wait until June potentially to reopen your business is still devastating. But there is more support on offer than ever before. Furlough has been extended until the end of April. There is a large variety of different support packages out there depending on your circumstances such as the Bounce Back Loan, Additional Restrictions Grant, or the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme to name a few. Our expert staff are well versed in every single relief package out there and will soon find the right one for you.

What can WE do for you?

Advanced Accountancy have been working flat out since the first lockdown ensuring that each business that turns to us for help is given the very best chance of success. Our expert payroll team can furlough your staff and bring them back from furlough when needed. We can check your eligibility for business grants, apply on your behalf and arrange any other financial assistance you might need such as loans and support packages. In fact, to date, Advanced Accountancy have applied for, and successfully secured, an astonishing £255,855,41 worth of grants on behalf of many different businesses and organisations. We are doing our bit to ensure that we come out the other side of this pandemic with businesses and jobs as intact as they possibly can be, and the reviews are pouring in with so many clients stating that we have helped to keep them afloat during this incredibly stressful time.

If you want us to do the same for you, as always, we are here to help. Call us on 01384 271858 or email us at Alternatively, don’t forget to give our Facebook a like or follow –

Here you will find a wealth of information and you can use the contact us button to get in touch!

For now, enjoy your week, don’t forget your mask and remember – we’re here if you need us.


Marina and her team at Advanced Accountancy.

Christmas 2020

Christmas 2020

Well, what can we say. We’re coming to the end of another year and I’m guessing the vast majority of us are happy to see the back of it.. 

When we all cheered to the start of 2020, none of us could have imagined the social isolation, the hospitals bursting at the seams, the whole world stopping. 

None of us could have predicted businesses shutting for months at a time, people going bankrupt, high streets closing at an even more alarming rate than before. 

Many of us are facing a Christmas and New Year unlike any we have seen before. We’re having to learn (and relearn) what social bubbles are. What tiers we’re in. Where we can and can’t shop. 

We’ve uttered the words ‘where on EARTH is my mask’ more times than we ever thought possible. We’ve witnessed insane queues for McDonald’s. We’ve realised what it is we really value. 

At Advanced Accountancy we have seen first-hand the absolute devastation that lockdown has done to our local businesses. We have applied for grants, loans and provided our expertise on the various government schemes throughout the pandemic. We hope we HAVE helped. We hope we have provided the advice, guidance and the support that our existing and new clients needed in this time. 

We hope we have helped our precious community cope with the stress of Covid-19. 

We have lost people this year that we did not expect to. Marina’s much-loved Dad tragically passed away at the start of the year, which has had a huge and lasting impact on us personally. The death of Lucy and her young friends has shocked and horrified our community, and the nation. There have been countless other loses due to covid and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to all of you that have been affected by 2020 in the worst possible way. 

And yet we carry on. We battle against the affects of lockdown. We take care of each other. We keep going. 

2020 has taught us how strong we can be if we all work together. It has shown us what can be achieved. 

So, we’d like to pay our respects to all those who are no longer with us. However, we would also like to give thanks to each and every one of you who have continued to support us and Advanced Accountancy through this difficult year. For everyone who has liked and shared our posts, for all the recommendations, for everyone who has continued to place their trust in our services. 

As small local businesses we stand united at this time. Whatever the future holds we face it together. 

Have a great Christmas, a prosperous New Year and please join us in booting 2020 firmly out of the back door once and for all!

All our love, 

Marina and her team at Advanced Accountancy. 

Covid-19, Tiers, and Scotch Eggs

Covid-19, Tiers, and Scotch Eggs

Over the last six weeks or so there have been so many sudden unexpected changes that every blog we’ve written has been out of date within 12 hours, so we’ve been keeping you up-to-date via our Facebook page instead.

We’ve had the introduction of tiers, curfews, another lockdown, and now finally we’re settled back into tiers (until the 16th anyway) so we’re back to blogging! 

It goes without saying that the restrictions and unpredictability have had a huge knock on affect on businesses throughout England and the UK.

Advanced Accountancy has clients far and wide, so we appreciate that all of you may be affected differently. Is it drinks, no drinks or drinks with a substantial meal? (scotch egg, anyone?)

At Advanced headquarters we have unfortunately fallen into the no drinks category, or tier 3, as its more commonly known. Our wonderful pubs, bars and restaurants have had to close their doors yet again, as have many non essential shops. So how on earth are businesses meant to survive the forced closures I hear you cry?

It’s tough. We know it’s tough. You want to be working. You’ve worked hard to build your business and watching it struggle is painful. 

Furlough has been extended until March at 80% which is great news for employees who want to keep their jobs and employers who want to keep their loyal staff. 

Business grants are still there for the for small and medium businesses, and if you’re self employed, there is the self-employment income support scheme. 

There is also support in the form of deferring VAT, Statutory Sick Pay rebate, Business rates holiday for retail, hospitality and leisure, Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme, Coronavirus Bounce Back Loan, Support for businesses paying tax: Time To Pay Service, Support to create job placements: Kickstart Scheme, Local Restrictions Support Grant and the Additional Restrictions Grant to name a few. *takes a deep breath*

Confused yet? 

Since the pandemic threw us into the first lockdown, Advanced have been busy applying for financial relief on behalf of countless businesses needing guidance.

We’re still open and fully functional, and our director Marina has invested in the highest quality PPE for our staff, our premises and our wonderful clients. 

Screens are in place to protect our staff
Our conference room has been redesigned to allow for social distancing
Our offices are fully compliant with track and trace

Of course, if you’d prefer, we’ll happily conduct any consultation or conversation over the phone or via zoom. We’re totally flexible and here to meet your needs. 

So if you’ve been affected by Covid, no matter where you are, and no matter what your tier, remember that Advanced Accountancy has the solution that suits YOUR business.

Our wealth of experience and expertise has given us the tools to support you when you need it most, and our covid secure office means we are able to continue meeting and working in safety. 

Give us a call today on 01384 271858 or email us at

Take care and stay safe. 

The team at Advanced. 

Covid Update October 2020.

Covid Update October 2020.

Well, what a year it has been! Financially and personally for most of us it has been turbulent to say the least, and unfortunately, it’s looking like we’re not out of the woods just yet.

Advanced have been as busy as ever adapting to the changing financial landscape. While many of our wonderful clients have sadly had to shut up shop or reduce their hours, we have dedicated our time to providing them with assistance by applying for local authority grants, loans, self-employment support schemes, furloughing staff and much much more.

Most people see accountancy firms as an extra expense they can’t afford when times get tough but we think having an accountant on your side to navigate through such turbulent situations can actually prove to be financially beneficial….and based on the feedback we’ve been getting, our clients agree!

The hospitality industry in particular has struggled. Pubs, restaurants, clubs, bars and accommodation have had to shut for an extended period of time, and they have all faced huge changes since reopening. Some businesses had a brief boom during August as the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme proved extremely popular (or £10 off and 10lb on as I preferred to call it…) but now that they’ve been hit with a 10pm curfew and with many regional households not being able to mix the financial pressure is back on.

So what support is now out there to ensure we do not lose our valued establishments and countless jobs?

Aside from the eat out to help out, the hospitality industry has been given a reduced VAT rate (on affected supplies) of just 5% which has now been extended. This applies to hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions. This temporary change will run from 15th of July 2020 and remain in place until 31st March 2021.

The hospitality industry has also been granted a Business Rates Relief which allows businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure industry to not pay any business rates for the 2020/2021 tax year.

In addition, with the furlough scheme changing as of 2nd October 2020, paying now only 60% of wages instead of the original 80%, the government have launched a new system of support to help people to retain their jobs.

A new jobs support scheme has been designed to protect jobs in businesses who are going to be facing difficulty over the winter months due to COVID. This scheme starts on the 1st of November and will run for 6 months. It will allow businesses to cut the hours of their employees if they cannot justify having fulltime staff. Employees can keep their jobs under reduced hours whilst still receiving 77% of their original wage (one third of which will be paid by the government)

Employers who use the job support scheme will also be able to claim the job retention bonus and you will be able to claim this bonus on the gov website from December 2020.

As always, if you need any help such as bringing your staff back from furlough or applying for the jobs support scheme or anything else, Advanced Accountancy are just a phone call away on 01384 271858 or email

We hope you’re keeping safe!